The next time you walk out of a store or open your front door and cross paths with a Twin Falls Girl Scouts member, make sure to ask about the newest flavor before you buy 10 boxes. The scout's new cookie was unveiled to the U.S. just days ago and is available for purchase online.

That's right cookie lovers! The Girl Scouts of America are packing a new, heavenly flavor of crumbly treat. Raspberry Rally is the latest in boxed deliciousness being plugged by these great girls carrying their clipboards and checklists throughout business parking lots and public events.

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The fact this development is grabbing headlines across the country shows just how much Americans love their cookies. The design of the new cookie mirrors that of the Thin Mint, which happens to be my favorite kind. The only difference is that when you bite into this newest cookie creation, you get a mouthful of berry.

The scouts are even giving Americans the chance to score free cookies and other prizes with the 2022 Raspberry Rally Sweepstakes. Hurry and enter, as the contest is in its final days.

I remember slinging cookies long ago as a boy scout on the West Coast. Being a very competitive person, I recall having a personal vendetta against all other kids involved as unloading the most boxes meant you were the cookie-selling champion of the region; sabotage wasn't beneath me either.

Please be sure to support your Twin Falls Girl Scouts.

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