It is time for some 4 wheeling weather and I was out and about when I noticed a boot was on placed on a fence post. I have no idea what it means so I figured I would ask. I did a little research and couldn't find a definite answer.

So the boot was covering the top of the fence post, almost like it was wearing it as a hat. Just a fun visual for you. I did a little research and some places it means that a farmer is working in that area and wants to remember where to continue. I heard rumors that it is a way to honor a cowboy which I think is super sweet but I don't really understand. However, I am not a farmer so please enlighten me if that is what it is.

I have also heard it is a way to protect the fence post, which seems somewhat logical but why only that post? Why not all of them. It was a pretty old boot so I am not sure that someone was actually going to wear it again after they took it off the fence post, if they were going to do so.

So I have to know, why would a farmer place a boot on a fence post? And I just a little too city to understand? Please, help me out because I want to embrace Idaho traditions.

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