A U.S. robocall scam involving the alleged suspension of people's social security numbers has reared its ugly head again. I received the call yesterday just after 2 p.m.

The same very scam that was reported by many Americans in August and September of 2018 is back. A strange, almost ominous male voice, begins speaking as soon as you answer your cell phone.

The voice claims to be from a social security department, and informs you that "your social security number has been suspended due to suspicious activitiy." The phone number that showed up on my phone was listed as originating from Tennessee (731 area code), and ended in 9205.

The scam was also recently brought to attention by a June 1, 2019, abc7ny.com story. Just know, your number can NEVER be suspended by the social security department. If you receive this call, hang up immediately.

For more information on scams involving the Social Security Administration, click here.

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