Do you remember what you did for your High School science fair project? Most of us made a volcano or created a battery using an orange. I know for sure I didn’t even come close to curing a disease like cyctic fibrosis.

Marshall Zhang is an 11th grader at Bayview Secondary School in Richmond Hill, Canada who decieded to researching cystic fibrosis, and came up with a theory that if you used a certain mix of drugs, it could completely stamp out the effects of the disease.

To test his science experiment he contacted Dr. Christine Bear of Canada’s Hospital for Sick Children.  She let him use a supercomputer where he could model the effects of his drug cocktail on cells infected with cystic fibrosis. He found that the cells treated with the two drugs were functioning correctly. Meaning the treated cells became healthy once again.

So far Marshall has won $5,000.00 in science fair projects. I think that if he really found a cure for cystic fibrosis he should receive a lot more than $5,000.00.

This information was rathered from The Register

–The next step here is to take Marshall’s treatment and do full clinical testing.  It could still be a few years before it’s available, but it’s a legitimately groundbreaking step . . . all by a high school junior.  (The Register)

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