Science and technology have been busy doing some awesome things lately! Last week we read about a cure for cancer that could be ready next year and now scientists have had a breakthrough with a type 1 diabetes cure. In the Medical XPress article they say that scientists are working on creating cells that can produce insulin. They would insert these cells into people with type 1 diabetes and the cells would then produce the much needed insulin rather than the patients needing insulin delivery devices like needles or other insulin injection devices. These functional-insulin producing cells are grown from human stem cells and could change the lives of diabetes patients. This breakthrough is huge!

Types of diabetes vector illustration diagram scheme
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Type 1 diabetes can be deadly and affects around 1.5 million people. One of my friends in Las Vegas with type 1 diabetes went out partying for a weekend and he passed out one night and died because he was too drunk to administer his insulin dose. He wasn't overweight and he took good care of his body with exercise and healthy eating but all it took was a weekend of neglect and his diabetes won.

For more details on how this treatment will help those who have type 1 diabetes, read the Medical XPress article. Right now is such a cool time to be alive and see the changes and advancements in medicine and technology! Let's hope the cancer cure and these new insulin producing cells are ready soon and at a reasonable cost to those in need!

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