Most people, after they are done figuring out their Federal taxes, have to move on and address their state taxes, which can be almost as painful.

However residents of these seven states don’t have to fret about that second form, as they pay no state tax on any sort of income.

Not only doesn’t the 49th state have an income tax or a sales tax, but it pays its residents an oil-revenue based dividend. (In 2010 it was $1,281)

Florida might have hurricanes and mosquitoes, but it doesn’t have any state income tax.

Nevada would rather its residents spend their money at its heavily taxed casinos than give it directly to the state government.

South Dakota
South Dakota is the Dakota with Mr. Rushmore and no state income tax.

Everything bigger in Texas but the tax rate: The state has no income tax and no corporate income tax.

Washington resident Bill Gates doesn’t have to cough up any of his 56 billion dollar fortune to the state.

America’s least populous state doesn’t charge its residents anything to live there.

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