We sure didn't see this one coming. There is a new report that claims the hottest guys aren't in Idaho. Nope. If you're an Idaho gal looking for hotness, time for a road trip.

The shocking report comes to us courtesy of a website called Grooming Lounge. They claim to be the premier source for men's grooming. I'll have to take their word for that since I've never heard of them. That probably has something to do with the fact that I live in Idaho.

They decided it was time to determine which city had the most handsome men. Their criteria were the following:

  • How much guys spend on personal care products and services every year
  • Amount of money spent on shaving
  • Dollars spent on clothing
  • Cities with the most physically-fit dudes

Great news for you, Seahawk fans. Grooming Lounge tallied all those factors and found out that Seattle is #1 when it comes to guys that are oh so pretty.

I had all kinds of great info to debate this study and explain how it's all wrong. But, I actually looked in my mirror and saw that I was wearing a partially-ripped Speed Racer t-shirt that my wife told me to throw away years ago. So, I'm just gonna shut up now.

You should probably also know that no Idaho city even made the list. (*hangs head in shame*)

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