Ghost hunting is a hobby that has become incredibly popular all over the world. I know people that have spent thousands of dollars of their own money to pursue evidence that supports the validation of some sort of human existence after death, and sometimes the audio or visual results are pretty compelling.

The Internet contains a massive number of podcasts, videos, and websites devoted to paranormal investigation. The television craze began nearly 20 years ago when the SyFy Channel picked up Ghost Hunters. Then came Ghost Adventures and other reality shows dealing with the search for spirits and energy from the afterlife.

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I've never had a paranormal experience, but I'm surrounded by people who claim they have. My own mother claims a relative from the grave used to visit our childhood home, and even my wife claimed to have been visited by the apparition of a Gold Rush miner late one night in our old apartment.

The majority of sites these ghost hunting teams chose to investigate usually have one thing in common, and that's death. Locations that have dark histories such as battlefields and hospitals are usually visited by paranormal investigators.

I recently came across a team of south Idaho investigators that spent the evening at the Bear River Massacre site where it is documented more than 200 Native Americans were murdered by American troops in 1863. The location is 185 miles southeast of Twin Falls and is a state historical site.

About 31-minutes into the video, the team films an unusual light source shining between some branches that they believe are eyes. What do you think about what the team recorded?

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