I had no idea this place even existed, and that is probably because it has been closed down for some time. This place called "Skinny Dipper Hot Springs" is located north of the Banks Lowman highway east of Highway 55. There are some springs nestled in there that are shut down and will remain that way.

According to reports, the hot spring was shut down for lots of reasons. Some of which included unsavory activity like underage drinking, shootings, illegal drugs, vandalism and then some. I don't blame police for being tired of going out to the middle of nowhere to try and keep people safe. However, that is not the only reason the springs were closed.

Apparently, according to reports, in 2017 a natural rock slide filled the pools with rock and debris making them essentially unusable. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise if this place was actually really all that bad. It doesn't look like anyone is in any rush to get this place cleaned up at the hot springs back up and running. Again, after reading some of the police reports, I am not sure I blame anyone.

However, it would have been fun to go check it out. I guess in the next several years we will see how things go. Maybe it will get cleaned up both from debris and from crime and mishaps. One can only hope I guess.

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