For many of you that happened to go to the Twin Falls County Fairgrounds over the weekend to check out the "Jurassic Empire" attraction, judging by our local Facebook sites quite a few of you felt duped by what you saw.

Saturday night my wife told me about an event at the fairgrounds where people could drive cars and get a look at life-sized dinosaurs as part of a traveling attraction. My sister-in-law was considering taking her son, and then we all started reading the comments on the Rants And Raves Twin Falls site. ( If you're not a member, you won't be able to see the content). The event is described on the Twin Falls County Fairgrounds website as "The largest, most realistic, dinosaur drive-thru event ever seen."

The event stops at cities throughout the western United States. I've seen people sharing personal videos from cities like Sacramento and Las Vegas on YouTube, and there have been quite a lot of complaints. Cost, malfunctioning attractions, and over all visual quality seemed to be the gripes many area residents had.

The website lists the cost as ranging from $59 to $95, depending on how many people are in the automobile. You could also add to the cost with personal gift bags ranging from $32 to $52 dollars. After reading the comments and seeing some of the photos, we decided to skip the event.

If you did go, and enjoyed yourselves, that's fantastic. I am merely sharing the sentiments of a large number of people in the community who were disappointed by the experience, and in no way attempting to criticize the event itself, or the fairgrounds for hosting it.

What was your personal opinion on the event if you went?

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