If you're gonna make fries in Idaho, you better be ready to really bring it because we know our potatoes around these parts. One restaurant in one of our tiny Magic Valley towns is not to be outdone, though. They have been named as having some of the best fries in all of Idaho.

Congrats to Stevo's in Heyburn. Only In Your State put their fries up against some of the big boys in Boise and other parts of the Gem State and found them easily in the top 10. How did Stevo's make the cut? (French fry pun intended) Here's the difference maker for Only In Your State:

But what makes the difference is that these beauties are grown by the owner himself, fresh-cut, and come in two varieties: regular or steak.

Nothing against Boise, but I love it when one of our small towns beats them at something. I will admit that I'm a little surprised that a couple of our places in Twin didn't end up on this list. But, at least our area is represented.

Check out the complete Only In Your State rundown to see who else in Idaho knows how to bring the spud love.

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