I cast no stones. I got my name wrong on a test once. But, Idaho was just included on a list of the smartest states in America - WAY down the list.

Zippia ranked all the states in the country based on the number of adults with a college education and the number of teenage dropouts. It's hard to argue with that criteria. Full disclosure: I had to Google "criteria" to make sure I was spelling it right.

Where did Idaho end up? A brilliant #37. When you say the word "brilliant" in your mind as you read this, please include as much sarcasm as possible.

How bad is this? Idaho came in as dumber than Florida. FLORIDA.

Many of our kids just went back to school. I think after reading this list the best thing we can do for them is to NOT help them with their homework. After all, who wants help from our generation who led this state to #37. Below FLORIDA.

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