You told us you heard something weird on the Snake. You recorded it and shared it with us. We investigated and this is what we discovered. With your help, we think this is what caused the "demonic" sounds on our station yesterday.

If you're new to this story, we started getting emails and messages on our Facebook page about evil growling that was on our station. Listener, Trevor Peterson was the first one to tip us off.


We went to our studio to investigate everything that happened between 9 am and 10 am. I was in the studio at the time doing some actual work (shock to my boss) and knew that nothing weird (or weirder than usual) had been broadcast.

The computer that helps us manage our on-air stuff didn't have anything strange. We checked everything that aired. After that, we roped in our engineer, Mike, and he also said that no interference or weird transmitter stuff had happened.

That's when we went to you and asked for help on the Snake Facebook page.


Your comments were both hysterical and helpful. Many of you told us that the sound happened way before 9 am.


So, we went back to the original listener tipster, Trevor, and he confirmed he had misheard his brother-in-law.


Then, we went back to our on-air computer to check the 6 am hour and found a file that, when slowed down, matched the sound of the growling you heard. It's a NASCAR feature called "The Final Lap".

The mystery isn't completely solved, though. Everything sounded fine on our end, but many of us are nearly deaf from listening to loud music in headphones, so there's that. We don't know how it ended up being all twisted between us and your radio, but that's the most likely candidate for causing this villainous sound.

Thanks to everyone for your amazing contributions to help us figure out what was happening. We'll let you know if we discover anything more definitive.

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