Sorry, but all the stink that this is causing just seems a bit silly.  If you haven't heard, the Snorestop company is putting this picture on a billboard in San Diego sometime soon as an ad for their product.

Some people are offended, calling it a slap in the military's face.

Why?  For portraying a real couple?  It's an actual soldier with his real-life girlfriend.

Remember, Islam isn't the enemy.  Extremism is.  The Westboro Baptists don't represent all Christians, and al Qaeda doesn't represent all Muslims.

I've got a brother in the Navy, and a best friend who served in Iraq.  So it isn't something I take lightly.  It seems to me: of all the things one could be upset about in the world, why not expend that energy on something more worthwhile, like fighting for better education in countries where it isn't available, leading to lasting, systemic changes?

What do you think?  Billboard image: offensive or not?