A virtual game is taking over Twin Falls in May. The interactive game will send you all over town to sleuth your way into finding a murderer on the loose. You get your favorite group of people together to solve the crime that takes over Twin Falls.

What Is This Virtual Sleuth Game All About?

It is called cluedupp. It is an app-based mystery game that is interactive. You get the details once you purchase a ticket through the app on your phone. You follow the clues all around town and that is how you solve the mystery. It is kind of like Pokemon Go for a mystery murder crime game. You get to be a CSI.

Get Your Group Of Friends Together And Solve It As A Group

The game is meant for a group of people. You only have to purchase one ticket for the entire group. It can be used as a team-building exercise, grow friendships, or even end friendships depending on how competitive you get. Jump in the car, drive all over town, and catch a murderer. It is kind of like an escape room, without the need for escaping and running all over town.

Ticket Information And Event Dates

To purchase a ticket you have to go to the website and select the Twin Falls event. Again, you only have to purchase one ticket for the team and a ticket is $69 dollars. The event is on May 28th. You will get all the information from the app when it is time.

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