You may be trying to eat healthy because you made a New Years resolution. Or you may just want to feel normal on the Monday following the Super Bowl. As Americans we always over eat on Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Super Bowl. 

A recent study from ABC News, found that the average person consumes 2,400 calories during the game. Which is on the high end of what most of us should get in an entire DAY.

Here are three simple tricks that can help you avoid it.

1. Alternate between beer and water. A lot of the calories you get come from beer. So obviously if you drink water too, you can cut those calories in half. Or take one for the team . . . don't drink at all . . . and be the designated driver.
2. Only eat at halftime. Or in other words, make sure you don't sit there mindlessly shoving food in your face for four straight hours.
3. Avoid these three foods. Pizza, chips, and wings. Of all the stuff you find at Super Bowl parties, those three tend to have the most calories and fat.

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