I told you so.  Our often-stoned neighbors in Oregon have a problem.  After the state legalized pot smoking because someone saw dollar signs, the illegal trade is booming.  That is, nobody cares for the state-sanctioned weed and instead, they seek a better hit.  The criminals are more than willing to fill the void and they don’t tack on taxes.  Now Oregon law enforcement is playing whack-a-mole with illegal dope farmers.  This is the state that birthed defunding the police and also wants cops to begin confiscating firearms.

Elsewhere, the argument legalization can help a state’s bottom line is taking a beating.  Colorado is seeing its sin tax revenue dropping.  I guess we’ll next legalize prostitution in hopes of taxing sex.  Has anyone actually considered cutting spending and limiting government?  As an aside, let’s remind you weed freaks there are no health benefits.

I don’t know if the trouble is you didn’t have the brains to pour pee from a boot before legalization or if the heavy dope use made you stupid.  Evidence would suggest you were already a dummy and marijuana simply made you more of a dummy.

Remember the argument that said we need to legalize it so we can treat people with problems?  Now we see a lot more people with troubles.  They crap in the streets and sleep in makeshift tents.

As for you whiners who’ll start deflecting by saying alcohol and tobacco are worse, it doesn’t make your holy sacrament any safer.  I’m reminded of a joke a comedian told about a friend who was using cocaine.  The buddy replied he snorted the stuff because it enhanced his personality.  The comedian replied, “Yes, but you’re an ass****!”

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