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A writer at a very large talk radio station in Seattle is sharing a warning from Idaho law enforcement.  Specifically, the Sheriff of Kootenai County, which is a mecca for tourists from Washington State.  The message is, to leave the marijuana at home.  It’s illegal here.  In all forms.  No exceptions for medical reasons.

If you bring along a bag, you could find yourself in jail.  You can’t see many fireworks from behind bars.

I heard the same message from the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office this week.  You can buy all the weed you want in Jackpot, Nevada.  You can smoke or ingest all of it there.  But you can’t legally bring it here or drive under the influence.  The latter still applies in Nevada.

Sergeant Ken Mencl is with the Sheriff’s Office in Twin Falls.  He also explains you need to know the fireworks regulations.  Many differ between counties.  Blaine County has some very strict rules.  Twin Falls County regulations are a bit more lenient.  Some other counties are much more lax than Twin Falls.

Here’s a thought.  If you need to smoke a whole bag of dope over the long holiday weekend, why not stay in Spokane?  I’m told users are sleeping in all the parks and on the downtown sidewalks.  It’s very possible the decent people of Idaho don’t want you importing your debauched lifestyles.

The streets here, unlike Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco aren’t big outdoor toilets.  It’s what attracts decent and moral people to our state in droves.  Many end up becoming permanent residents.

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