A young fellow from Wendell told me a few weeks ago human adaptability will conquer climate change.  He’s spot on.  Humans have always adapted to conditions.  If sea levels rise, build a higher seawall.  It’s cheaper than a lot of other solutions being proposed by the greenies.

A Generational Dry Period

We’re suffering through a terrible drought in Idaho almost a quarter-century in length and we simply don’t know if and when it’s going to end.  Our conditions may not be as dire as some of our other western neighbors who are said to be experiencing the worst dry spell in 1,200 years!  Yet many big cities in the southwest are growing and haven’t experienced glaring water shortages.  What gives here?

I came across this link.  I believe it’s from Yale University.  It highlights several cities known for being parched even in good times.  All have greatly improved water management by necessity.  There is even room for more growth in these places.

Innovation is the Key

Among the things that have been done is the planting of native species for lawns.  It greatly reduces the need for sprinklers sputtering to get the work done on dry hot days.  Water in many cases is being recycled.  Desalination is taking off as technology improves.

Some of these things have also been done in Idaho.  The population of Twin Falls has doubled in three decades and yet the amount of water being used has dropped!  More innovations are likely along the way and a day will come when the drought eases or ends.

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