A glimmer of hope for baseball fans may have been revealed by a former pro baller and podcaster who announced on social media Monday that he was informed the season will officially get underway July 1, 2020.

Idaho Major League Baseball fans have a reason to be optimistic this week following a social media baseball bombshell that may have been leaked by a nine year veteran on Monday, according to msnsports.

Trevor Plouffe, who played for four different teams during his career which span 2010 to 2018, announced on his Twitter page that he learned from "multiple sources," that spring training was going to resume June 10, and the 2020 official MLB season was set to begin July 1. The tweet was reported by msnsports late Monday evening (May 4).

Plouffe didn't reveal any specific names in the tweet. He also hosts a popular baseball podcast called "Talkin Baseball," in which he invites other major-leaguers to join him in discussion.

Even though the statement isn't currently backed by any hard evidence, it does make sense that the league would be working on salvaging some sort of season seeing as opening day was only five weeks ago, and some cities are slowly reintegrating as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. A 2020 season could run four months, from July through October, with playoffs to follow.

As a big fan of "America's Favorite Pastime," I really hope the season does begin. One solution to the social distancing problem would be to only sell a select number of tickets to the games, allow for gaps in seating and only open a few concession booths through ball parks. Then, at least some revenue will be generated, and people can get back to work.

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