The legend of Bigfoot is as popular in modern times as it ever has been, and Idaho continues to be a hotbed for sightings and amateur hunting. An event is planned in the coming days east of Twin Falls where researchers, lecturers, vendors, and enthusiasts are going to gather to celebrate Bigfoot and discuss the latest available evidence supporting beliefs that the creature exists.

It's impossible to Google Bigfoot and not come across amateur hunters, years of reported sightings, conventions, podcasts, social media sites, and short films devoted to the legendary apeman, and all tied to the state of Idaho. The most recent, documented sighting I'm aware of in the Gem State was reported earlier this year in the northern Selkirk Mountains.

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The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization has been tracking Idaho sightings dating back to the early seventies. There are dozens of eyewitness accounts on the website spanning many counties in the state.

According to the BFRO website, Twin Falls County is one of 15 counties in the Gem State that doesn't show a legitimate Bigfoot sighting logged, but it's obvious Idahoans are seeing something in the woods based on the sheer volume of reports over the past five decades.

The Bannock County Event Center in Pocatello is hosting the 2022 Bigfoot Rendezvous from September 23 to 24. The event also has art, food, and kid's activities. For tickets or other information, click here. You may also phone 208-237-1340 to learn more about attending or becoming a vendor.

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