A southwest Idaho man has gained attention throughout the state for his bold response to his alleged homeowners associations' neglect and waste management rules.

Steve Smith, a homeowner and resident of Caldwell, Idaho, recently captured the attention of many when he hung multiple flags containing swastikas, and resembling those used by leaders of Germany's National Socialist Workers' Party, for the nearly three decades it was active beginning in 1920. Smith insists he is not a supporter of the party, but instead, hung the symbols in the front of his home to send a message to his homeowners association.

The flags, which can be seen in a recent feature by idahonews.com, are placed above Smith's front door entrance and driveway.

According to the news source, the Pennsylvania Park resident responded to the association's request to not place his garbage containers in his driveway by hanging the Nazi propaganda. Smith is also at odds with the association over some trees that died on his property. Neighbors of the Caldwell resident have voiced their desires to see the standoff end sooner than later.

The flags are synonymous with Adolf Hitler's Nazi forces, which were responsible for millions of deaths during the Holocaust of World War II. The party was largely phased-out following the death of Hitler in April of 1945.

Smith insists the flags are his way of letting the HOA know he finds its rules to be extremely stringent. Most homeowner's associations are required to maintain the grounds, including streets, lawns, bushes and trees, within its boundaries, with these services often included in a homeowner's monthly fees.

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