Idaho is a huge hunting state. I know several hunters, and I've learned that many who take the time to pack and head out into the state's backcountry choose to accompany those they trust and share similar techniques with.

I don't hunt. It's nothing against those who do, it's just that the hobby has never appealed to me. The fact it involves killing animals for sport or food doesn't bother me either. For those that are new to the game, I would imagine it might be tough to learn the most proven techniques unless someone takes a person under their wing.

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Idaho hunting season is almost a religious experience for some Idahoans. Whether it's with a gun or a bow, it's a hobby that bonds friends and families together. There's a source of pride in passing down hunting knowledge to those eager to learn. Some Idahoans have found that seasoned hunters aren't always the friendliest and most willing to tolerate those still wet behind the ears.

An Idaho Reddit user did something pretty cool this week by creating a communication thread for people that would like to learn to hunt and haven't had success in finding others to go with. SmilingAdvocado123 is the Reddit name this person goes by, and "Southeast Idaho Hunting" was the post title used to create the group. Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Rexburg, and Blackfoot are among cities that are located in southeast Idaho and are all less than three-hour drives from Twin Falls.

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