My wife and I do a great deal of our work out of the house. She enjoys having the television on as background noise, and she recently came across a reality series streaming on Netflix that showcases the best aspiring dancers in the country, and one of the contestants we came to find out was raised northwest of Twin Falls.

Working out of the house has its perks and pitfalls. Saving money on gas and fulfilling your work duties in attire unsuitable for an office environment are two big perks. Working from a couch and then retiring to that same couch for television and family time at night makes for a very sedentary lifestyle, which is probably the biggest downfall, especially if you have hemorrhoids.

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Hemorrhoids are something your average teen and twenty-something dancer don't have to deal with, and that's a good thing for them. There's a series on Netflix called Dance 100, and it showcases the country's top aspiring choreographers and dancers.

I think it's always cool when you come across a reality competition show and there's an Idaho contestant on it. It makes you want to tune in and follow along for that reason alone. Max Pham is a young talent who grew up in Boise before moving to the West Coast to pursue dancing. He's just one of the tremendously talented dancers competing for a shot at $100,000.

We wish Max the best of luck in this process and hope he achieves his dream of becoming a professional choreographer.

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