Summer trips to the lake or river with our pets is something most of us in Idaho do regularly. Our pets also join us in our boats, kayaks, and paddleboards out on the water, and sometimes it can present problems especially when the waters are packed with people and watercraft.

I was recently out at an area lake and witnessed a kayaker who had brought along her small dog for a leisurely float. Normally, I never think twice about seeing pets on watercraft. I soon discovered that her dog had other intentions of its own, and what ensued reminded me of an episode of Benny Hill complete with the silly theme song.

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I have no problems with dogs being out on such water toys at Idaho lakes. We have a new Golden Retriever in our family, and soon he'll be well over 100 pounds. He's growing like Clifford the Big Red Dog, so I'm not sure he'll be joining me in my kayak any time soon.

Idaho water safety laws don't really mention anything about the dangers of pets being out on the water with us. As long as people know their pets well enough, it shouldn't be a problem. Taking dogs out on rivers can present more safety concerns than lakes due to currents.

Now, back to the kayaker. Her tiny, white dog decided to test the waters in an area where there were a lot of boats and jet skis. It took assistance from several other people enjoying the water to reunite the pet with its owner. The dog must have paddled for 10 minutes, dodging motors and floating humans, before it finally managed to get back into the kayak.

I have to say I'm happy the dog survived, and it was pretty entertaining to see playing out from my chair in the sand.

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