Modern Printers; Scott Pentzer

A southwest Idaho printing company has created a new shirt design that is getting people's attention in the Gem State.

Modern Printers is located in Meridian. Thursday morning (Jan 10) designer Scott Pentzer unveiled the company's latest creation. It's a shirt that joins Idaho and California together into one solid land mass, and is cleverly titled, "IdaFornia."

"It's going viral, and has been really, really weird," said Pentzer, after I contacted him about his new print.

Apparently, the shirts have succeeded in stirring up quite a few Idahoans, according to a story on The idea no doubt comes from the relocation boom of people moving from California to Idaho in recent years, which doesn't gel well with some Idaho residents.

Love em or hate em, the shirts will probably sell very well. Take it from someone who made the exodus east in 2016, Californians who buy them, might want to stick to wearing them around the house.

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