Driving is going to speed up on parts of Idaho interstates starting tomorrow and as a parent, I think this ideas is just plain stupid!

I'm 30 years-old and my mom still tries to hold my hand when I cross the street.  Now that I'm a parent, I'm just as bad.

The first time I drove on the highway with my little guy in his car seat, I almost had a panic attack.  How was I supposed to drive 75 mph with a baby on-board?  If that's not bad enough, the speed limits will be increased starting tomorrow in certain parts of the highway.

Some of you have already lashed out against this idea on our Facebook Page:

Speed Limit Facebook Comments
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At least ITD conducted a safety study, according to NewsRadio1310:

Lawmakers voted to allow faster speeds on Idaho roads during the 2014 legislative session, but ultimately left the decision up to ITD. The department conducted safety studies and engineering reviews during May and June before giving drivers the green light.

The speed limits of rural sections of I-15, I-84, and 1-86 will be increased to 80 mph and 75 mph for trucks.

Lets face it, everyone goes five miles over the speed limit anyway, so that means there will be triple-decker trucks flying down the interstate at 80 mph.  Oh and it's only in rural areas.  Is that such a good idea?  Those rural areas are ghost towns, so if there is an accident, will anyone know about it in time to help?

What do you think about the speed limit increase? Genius or Dumb?

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