Shine those apples up, because the day to acknowledge our country's educators is almost upon us.

Tuesday, May 8, is National Teacher Day. A profession that used to be highly desired for having summers off and achieving tenure, has now become a hazardous and tense occupation with the rise of gun violence on national campuses in the past 20 years.

The average salary for a public school teacher is approximately $58,000 in the US, according to a recent report by Bullying, parental neglect, discipline, budget shortfalls, and the ability to curb lesson plans in a manner that doesn't present obstacles for students with learning impairments, are all part of a teacher's work day. I'm not sure another profession exists that is responsible for molding more human beings quite like an educator's role requires in society.

So, on Tuesday, if there is a Twin Falls' teacher that deserves recognition for their tireless work, it would behoove you to let them know they are appreciated.

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