Muscatine, IA

"I think that's very strange. To think there's a guy out there making wallets out of squirrel skin," said an Ashton police officer who wished to only be known by his initials, "GG." " I wouldn't want to be that guy."

I contacted a local police department in southeast Idaho this morning because I wanted a quote from someone familiar with an area known as Squirrel, Idaho, about a bizarre news story I read about over the weekend. Apparently, there is a guy in Iowa selling squirrel wallets, and people are very interested in buying them.

I first discovered the story on Reddit's DiWHY page. I remembered reading about the area known as Squirrel on an Idaho weird facts page. Sure enough, the area in Fremont County, which consists of just farm land and uncontrolled intersections mostly, does get patrolled by police in the Ashton area.

"I grew up there," said GG. "It got its name from the dense population of ground squirrel known to be in the area."

Apparently, the local sheriff's department makes the rounds out there from time to time. Squirrel is located 60 miles northwest of Idaho Falls.

"At first I thought, are you pulling my leg," said the dispatch officer who got me in touch with GG. "Officers actually patrol an area known as squirrel."

Yes, they do. The squirrel wallets are priced at about $30 according to Reddit. They are becoming known as "sqwallets."


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