I was under the impression the homeless encampment outside Idaho’s State Capitol had been cleared.  Nope!  It’s still there.  I’m not sure if any of these people are homeless but instead are activists drawing attention to the homeless.  Liberals will call me heartless, but they’ve created an eyesore outside the state’s seat of government.  I suppose if participants were camping in trucks versus tents, liberals would demand their violent removal.  One cause has the imprimatur of the left and the other is an offense.

The People's Commune of Boise

Speaking of offense, state Representative Chad Christensen walked outside one night after the session and started filming the squatters. Then it got ugly!  Someone resembling the character of Beulah from Porky’s came charging after the Republican legislator.  She alleged he trespassed on her private property.  She made the claim he had entered her tent to take pictures.  He was standing 20 to 30 feet away and panning the scene when she charged him.  She demanded the police be called.

I don’t believe she understands property rights.  It could be why she’s living under a tarp.  I also don't see anyone in the video wearing masks.

Media Lost Interest in the Hideous Looking Mess

I’m not sure the demonstration is accomplishing much.  Liberal media allies gave the encampment extensive coverage in its early days.  Then a new dumpster fire beckoned and the reporters went running in another direction.

The campers should be pleased they’re not north of the border.  Tin soldiers and Trudeau would be coming.  Oh, I'm sorry.  I forgot.  Liberal disruptions have a different set of rules.

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