UPDATE: The man in this story has served his time in prison since it was originally published in 2018, and is no longer on the run from the police. It is our policy that those who serve their time and prove they are on a better path should have that chance. As such, his name has been removed from the story along with his mugshot.

A man convicted of rape and burglary has landed on the Idaho Department of Correction 'Most Wanted' website after violating his parole.

Name Removed, 28, has been at large since August 10, 2017. Name Removed was convicted of rape in 2011, a crime that occurred in 2009, and was sentenced in Kootenai County, according to the department's website. He has also been arrested for burglary and grand theft in the past.

Name Removed also has arrests on record in Nez Perce County and Santa Fe County. Name Removed is a registered sex offender, with a last known address in Spirit Lake, Idaho, according to homefacts. He has also been linked to Post Falls and Coeur d'Alene.

If you have any information on Name Removed, please contact the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office, at 208-446-1300.

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