The Memorial Day weekend is coming, and for some Idaho fans of Stranger Things, plans might be affected by the release of the first few episodes of season four. Are you heading out of town and recording the first episode, or will you be watching it from home?

It's been rumored that there are only two more seasons of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things expected to be released before the show ends for good. The creators of the series, the Duffer Brothers as they are known as, are releasing the upcoming season four in two installments, with a brief intermission between the two volumes, according to

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The biggest mystery behind the upcoming release is what exactly happened to Chief Jim Hopper, played by actor David Harbour. Die-hard fans already have an idea, but we are still waiting to find out how (or if) the chief could have survived a massive laboratory reactor explosion. Did Hopper somehow find his way into a Soviet prison as the end of season three may have eluded to?

With the Memorial Day weekend approaching, there are no doubt a number of Idaho fans that have tweaked their plans for the opportunity to watch the first episode right as it becomes available for streaming on Friday, May 27. This year, we made the decision to camp at an area reservoir on Wednesday and Thursday, so we are looking at getting back early afternoon Friday. This plan had nothing to do with the new season of the popular sci-fi show, but it certainly worked out in our favor.

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