Sarah Christopherson

It's not everyday you cross paths with peafowl here in Twin Falls. And it's even less likely you'll find one roosting atop an automobile in your work parking lot.

This peahen was discovered Thursday afternoon lounging on the roof of one of the sales associate's cars here at Townsquare Media in Twin Falls. It's rumored the bird was abandoned by local homeowners who recently moved out of the area.


For those of you that are keeping track, the property here at 415 Park Avenue has become somewhat of an animal sanctuary as of late. Chickens, cats, horses, and now peafowl, can be seen roaming the land on just about a daily basis.

As of right now, the peahen has not been given a name, but if sticks around long enough, it's inevitable that she will not only receive a name but a new permanent home as well.


Welcome to the jungle!

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