Money is money right?  But can money be dirty?  A struggling Elementary school seems to think so. 

Roosevelt Elementary School in West Palm Beach, Florida is in serious financial trouble.  It has the highest percentage of low-income students of any school in the city, and it’s desperate for funding.

So a local charitable organization called Rodriguez Charities stepped up and donated $20,000 to the school.

But now, the school district and parents want to give the money back.  Because they found out Rodriguez Charities is run by a man named Joe Rodriguez . . . and he owns strip clubs.  And they don’t want charity money that comes from a strip club owner.

Rodriguez owns the Pure Platinum strip club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and three Cheetah gentlemen’s clubs in the area too.  He’s donated between $66,000 and $245,000 to charity every year.

He says he’s shocked the school wants to return the money:

I think it’s very small minded.

A rep from the Christian Family Coalition says they’re pushing the school to return the money:

It came from someone associated with the exploitation of women.  That’s not the message to send to kids.

Oh shut up!  That's my opinion at least.  I'd keep the money.  Money is money and if the kids need the money, which they do, the school system in Florida kinda blows, I know I got me edumacated there...durr.  So just take the money!  That's my opinion at least.  What say you?

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