Here's some good news for those of us living within spitting distance of Yellowstone National Park. You have probably heard about the previous mammoth eruptions of the supervolcano at Yellowstone, right? Well, it's believed they were way bigger than previously thought. Now, go enjoy your day.

Science Daily reported the latest findings.

The international research team suggests that while the number of volcanic eruptions thought to have originated from the central Snake River Plain in Idaho, USA is less than previously believed, the 12 recorded giant eruptions were likely 'significantly larger' than research has previously suggested.

It's not the past eruptions that we worry about. The inference is that any future eruption would also be much larger than believed.

As for me, I find it hard to take the latest Yellowstone supervolcano news very seriously considering the sheer number of reports and rumors we hear every year about a possible Yellowstone eruption. However, it's good to be reminded that we do have a big giant monster under the ground just to our east that could ruin our day at some point in the future.

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