Twin Falls is a great place. It's also a terrific place if you want to tempt fate and try to cheat death. Our fair city is full of potential life-threatening situations and you don't have to travel far to reach some of them. Here are a few.

5. Rattlesnakes

We have some great areas in the Magic Valley to hike in. Along with that great pleasure comes the possibility of meeting up with a rattlesnake. It's true that most bites aren't of the fatal variety. However, if you happen to be far enough from civilization and have certain medical conditions, a rattlesnake bite can cause you to go into shock and eventually kill you.

4. Blue Lakes

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

Do I really need to explain how many ways it's possible to expire on Blue Lakes Boulevard? Combine it with Pole Line and Washington and you have a recipe for vehicular chaos.

3. Snake River

Rafting and fishing on the Snake River is fun. But, the rafting part can be dangerous. The Snake River is known for it's current which can surprise you, if you're not careful. And, if you decide to add alcohol to the mix, then your chances of being a statistic increase greatly.

2. Volcano

One interesting factoid about Twin Falls and the Magic Valley region is we are situated near a little volcano called Yellowstone that isn't little at all. You might think that we're alright since we're a good 5-hour car ride away from Yellowstone. But, what if it erupts? See that blast radius map in the video above? Yep. We're in that red part which means if Yellowstone blows, we'll all end up being involuntarily invited to our own BBQ.

1. Perrine Bridge

The Perrine Bridge is one of the most famous landmarks associated with Twin Falls. Oh, and it's also out to get you. You don't have to be a base jumper to end up being a fatality. Try driving over the Perrine during high wind season in a high-profile vehicle. This is one of the most spectacular ways to become extinct in Twin Falls.

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