base jump

Insane Perrine Bridge Jump
There are some things that can only happen in Twin Falls. Here's an example. A guy on top of a truck going 45 mph across the Perrine Bridge jumps off. Yep, that happened and I have the picture to prove it.
Perrine BASE Jump Playlist
I live in Twin Falls yet I'm terrified of heights. Makes perfect sense, right? With that fact in mind, I have created a playlist of what I would love to have in my headphones if I were to ever BASE jump off the Perrine. This will never happen, but let's play pretend.
The Perrine Bridge Festival
The Twin Falls Visitor Center construction is looking good and there has been a lot of buzz about the Canyon Park West Shopping Center. This weekend you can see it all for yourself!
BASE Jump from Tallest Building
I dunno... the Perrine Bridge suddenly seems less intimidating, but on the other hand, since you don't need a license to do this in Twin Falls, maybe it still is the more dangerous of the two!