A new video uploaded to YouTube shows a guy complete a successful BASE jump off of one of Twin Falls' most popular waterfalls.

I have seen a lot of BASE jumping videos since moving to Twin Falls three years ago, but this one is a first. I don't recall having yet seen Twin Falls video evidence of a jump that didn't take place off the Perrine Bridge until I came across this.

The recent video, uploaded on the channel of Falling Rocks Media Company!, on October 6, 2019, is crazy y'all. I know jumping off the Perrine Bridge is legal, but I'm not sure about the waterfalls in the canyon. There's no doubt this leap off of the Perrine Coulee surprised any golfers that might have been playing at Canyon Springs that day.

The Perrine Coulee waterfall is the most visited in the area. Cars pull over every few minutes entering or leaving the Snake River Canyon to get a closer look. I've stood on the lookout trail many times but never seen the fall from this vantage point.

For someone with an extreme fear of heights, it's uncomfortable enough seeing people jump off the Perrine Bridge, but this gave me a little extra anxiety. The fall is ONLY 197 feet for crying out loud, and the fact he landed perfectly on a trail below with basically no room for error, is pretty amazing.

That leads me to this question. Have you ever seen anyone jump off this waterfall before?


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