Sturgeon Surprises Magic Valley Fisherman with Breach
Two Idaho fishermen got what they were looking for on a recent fishing trip and caught it on camera. Bryce Thompson, who lives in Twin Falls, had quite the experience his first time fishing sturgeon from a kayak on Saturday near Glenns Ferry on the Snake River.
Kayaks Over Mesa Falls
We have many in the Magic Valley who enjoy flinging their kayaks over waterfalls. But, many in our area are the small and cute kind. Recently, several kayaks decided to tackle the mighty Mesa Falls in eastern Idaho. This is what happened.
Kayaking In Idaho
Chad Strobach captured footage of some awesome people riding the falls at Caldron Linn in Murtaugh Idaho.
Magic Valley Kayakers Take Advantage Of Flooding
Water levels are currently at an all time high in Southern Idaho. The flood conditions have overwhelmed a lot of Idahoans, but some Magic Valley outdoor enthusiasts are taking advantage of all the extra water in our area.
Imagine Kayaking The Snake River In This Beast
If you're going to kayak anywhere, you have to kayak the Snake River. And, if you live in Twin Falls, it's practically required that you own a kayak. You don't have one? No worries. We have you covered. Check out this beauty that will be up for grabs starting Monday, February 29 in ou…