Latest Results For Sochi Paralympics
During the Sochi Winter Olympics there was a lot of hype, conversation, great wins, and some stunning losses. As a country, the USA was very well represented and many athletes came home with medals. That tradition continues with the Paralympics - going on now! Read below to get the latest results fo…
Which Country Dominates Each Winter Olympic Sport
The United States of America always has a great showing at the Olympics. Our athletes are seen in the majority of competitions...but we aren't the best at everything. Even the great Shawn White wasn't able to bring home a medal this year - U.S.A. overall does tend to dominate the snowboard…
Why Are the Olympics in Sochi?
I realized the other day that I don't know crap about Sochi.  Why the hell ARE the Olympics being held in Sochi?  For goodness sake, they BOUGHT SNOW.  And shipped it into Sochi.  In RUSSIA.

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