If you think Twin Falls has been growing like a weed over the last few years, you aren't wrong. In fact, all of Idaho has been a hot-spot for people looking for a new place to call home. Twin Falls constructions seems to be non-stop between new construction of homes and businesses and renovations and expansions of previous structures. Like it or not, Twin Falls is a city where people want to live and jobs are plentiful.

Zippia just released a map showing the best cities to find a job in each state along with what makes each city so promising. Twin Falls tops the list here in Idaho. They used info from the last five years based on four criteria categories:

  • Median Individual Salary.
  • Increase in Median Salary Year-to-Year.
  • Unemployment Rate.
  • Median Home Price.

Moving to Twin falls for a job and because of the affordability is a smart move. The fact that Twin Falls is also an amazing place to live is an added bonus.

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I just have a few words of advice for those moving to Twin Falls to help make your transition better. You can check out our list of resolutions for everyone in Twin Falls and you'll get an idea of what to expect from Twin Falls residents. Current resident may need to look over the list again too, especially the resolutions to be nice to others (especially Californians) since you will no doubt be seeing many new faces around town.

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