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This was my first experience in Idaho.  I bought gas in Utah after leaving Wyoming.  It was a blustery day in winter and my Jeep was packed with some furnishings, dishes, and clothes.  I wasn’t getting great mileage and having earlier almost run out of gas, I needed to find a pump and fast.  I got off the highway in Sublett and found a station where some animals are penned alongside the building.

A few weeks ago, I referenced the place in a previous post and hinted I didn’t have a good experience.  I got some comments from people who had similar memories including the President of the Idaho Freedom Foundation and even some coworkers.  I need to mention the day I stopped there was in 2014, and for all I know, ownership has changed.

I was paying for my gas and admiring some of the bric-a-brac in the store and attempted to make small talk.  “No soup for you!” wasn’t the response but I got the impression my money wasn’t welcome.  I haven’t been back since my first and only stop.

A guy at the office told me he bought gas but that he and his children weren’t allowed to use the bathroom.  Wayne Hoffman at the Freedom Foundation bought gas but was told he couldn’t use the bathroom because he “didn’t buy anything else”.  Wayne thought the clerk was angry.

I guess it comes down to perspective.  I read some Yelp reviews today and they were mostly positive.  Someone who appeared to be in management responded to one post and explained the bathrooms were closed because of vandalism.

Reviews aside, seeing the animals made my day.


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