A 13-year-old was arrested for calling the police on a Minecraft rival and lying about there being a bomb-related hostage situation at the victim's house after a massive police response. He also is the culprit in other swatting incidents as well.

The swatting epidemic is starting to reach ridiculous heights: a 13-year-old from Camarillo, California has been arrested for multiple swatting incidents, Kotaku reports. If you're not sure what swatting means, get ready for the stupid. Swatting is when someone "prank" calls emergency personnel into going to a specified address, usually under the lies of a nonexistent hostage situation or shooting-related incident in order to warrant a massive police response at an unknowing victim's house. This teenager was involved in multiple swatting incidents, and is likely going to be in big trouble for it. The teen has reportedly swatted a teacher at his school, a girl in his class and now a rival Minecraft player. We're not sure how the boy learned his rival's address, but it could be likely that they knew each other outside of the game.

One of the swatting incidents resulted in 20+ officers going to a residence with their guns drawn, Ars Technica reports. Detective Gene Martinez of the Ventura County Sheriff's Department was at the incident and had this to say about it:

We basically surrounded the house. The caller reported there were 10 hostages in the house and demanded $30,000 in cash or he would blow up the house. Whenever there is a hostage situation, we activate specialized units to respond.

The boy is obviously too young to stay in jail, so he has been released to his parents, but there is still a juvenile court hearing that will determine how long of a probation term the boy is likely to receive. We hope he gets as big a punishment that he can get.

The bottom line is swatting is a serious offense and shouldn't be taken lightly (and just shouldn't happen). Due to swatting incidents being on the rise, we have a feeling some heavy consequences will be in store for future swatters.

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