I would have never believed it had I not watched it for myself.

This morning I overheard my co-worker Julie talking about a video her and her husband watched that involved a 1950s method The Idaho Department of Fish & Game used to relocate area beavers. So I did some digging, and there it was on YouTube.

Apparently, more than 50 of these buck-toothed rodents were dropped from airplanes as parts of an effort to relocate "problem beavers" to remote areas of Idaho not easily accessible. According to the video, they were placed in ventilated wooden boxes, bound with rope, and dropped from thousands of feet in the air to the forest floor. Once on the ground, the box would open, and the animal would go about its business.

We believe no beaver was harmed in the making of this film. The full video (14 minutes) can also be found on YouTube.



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