I usually take my family out fishing a few times each year, but this year was a cool year for my family because the kids really started to like it. They used to just go because we made them go. Now they ask when we can go again, and maybe they like it more because we finally know what bait to use to catch good trout. And even though winter is here we can still get in some good fishing on the ice. The Idaho Fish and Game recently posted a list of the best locations across Idaho to ice fish, including the best times of the year to go. You have to remember that smaller lakes freeze faster than the large ones and those in the panhandle will freeze sooner than those in the warmer areas of Southern Idaho.

Idaho Fish and Game recommends that the ice be around four inches thick if you plan to ice fish and if you plan to go with a large group to look for ice thicker than four inches. I have never been ice fishing in Idaho but at the beginning of 2019 one of my co-workers went ice fishing and really enjoyed it. If you are new to ice fishing the Fish and Game website is loaded with helpful info on gear, safety, and all the rules. Below you'll find the full map of ice fishing locations and at this think you can learn when the best time is to fish there.

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