Hell hath no fury like a pot smoker when you impugn his sacrament.  It happens every time I share details of the latest medical research on the use of marijuana.  We’re not talking about a guy who tried a joint once in college.  We’re talking about regular users.

Last Friday I posted a story about new research that points out long-term and very dangerous health symptoms brought on by heavy smoking or ingestion.

Are They Suggesting Marijuana is Good for You?

This is the only topic I write about that brings responses in angry long-form letters.  Writers tell me I’m cherry-picking the research.  Funny, I’ve not once seen any medical study promoting long-term and heavy use as being good for you!  But hey, I don’t read dopesmokersonly.com.

I’ll get the usual pre-programmed rant about alcohol being worse.  Despite that I’ve ever recommended anyone drink a gallon of whiskey a day.  Alcohol is worse therefore pot equals healthy fun is an argument the angry users can’t make.  Oh, they’ll ramble on about medicinal issues but a doctor friend handed me a stack of research about two inches thick.  Study after study suggests it’s mainly a placebo effect or a brief distraction from pain.

How Many More Sins Should Government Promote?

Then I’ll hear about how legalized marijuana can be taxed.  Two points in response.  What other sins should the government sanction for revenue?  We already see corruption in government promotes cultural rot beyond the halls of power.  Remember all those talks when you were a kid about bad role models?

Writers will also tell me prohibition didn’t work 100 years ago.  It’s a popular claim from a lot of academics generally lubricated in spirits.  Do you know why there was a craft beer revolution in the 1990s?  Because beer was generic in taste and with relatively low alcohol content.  Contrary to the image of Americans building stills by the hundreds of thousands, most Americans swore hard drinks in the 1920s.  Their palates became accustomed to soft drinks and when beer returned they were turned off by the strong flavors.  I would say that refutes some of the historical claims.

Sadly, we’re going down the wrong road.  I just came across a link that explains how off-duty police officers in New Jersey can now puff on the ganja.  Is there really a time when law enforcement is off duty?  The call can come at any time and this is just what we don’t need.  A stoned response or a no-show response!

Finally, my job isn’t to promote your sins.  If anything, I believe most people want to lead responsible, clean lives and impress God.  It’s a struggle for many but it’s still their primary goal in life.

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