I thought this story was just a bunch of crap until our intern asked if she could leave early today to buy herself Birthday jeans.  Yes, I'm a cheap ass, but this girl spends over $100 on just one pair of jeans!  Now if that's not an impulse buy, I don't know what it.

OK - I'm guilty, I spent $50 on booze this weekend...and I aint rich, so that was an impulse.  It was a rough week.

OK, onto the impulse buying stats:

Here’s one of those studies from Daily Mail that seems to defy gender stereotypes . . . until you think about it and say, “You know, that actually makes sense.”

According to a British company called Npower, MEN spend more money on impulse buys than women:  Men spend approximately $41 on impulse buys versus $31 for women.

The main reason is that women spend more time bargain hunting, going to sales, and researching before they buy something.  Men are more likely to grab something off the shelf or buy something online.

Men are also more likely to go out impulsively to eat or drink . . . women plan their meals and nights out more carefully.

The study found that the average person spends $114,293 in their lifetime on impulse buys.  They didn’t break the number down by gender.

The top 10 most common impulse buys are:  Food, clothing, magazines, wine, books, DVDs, shoes, trips, beer, and toiletries.

The next 10 most common are:  Home furnishings, music, clothes for the kids, jewelry, accessories, gadgets, garden accessories, flowers, toys, and day trips.

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