Come listen to a story about a man named Brad

A slick mountaineer, barely kept ambition checked,

And then one day he was running for office,

And up through the air came a virus threat.


Pandemic, lock down, COVID-19.


Well the first thing you know old Brad’s a Governor,

Media said “Brad lock away the state”,

Said “California is the model we sure need”,

So they rounded up people and they snatched their liberty


Rules, that is. Churches closed, shuttered shops.


Well now it’s time to say goodbye to Brad and all his kind,

And they would like to thank you sheep for kindly shutting up.

You’re all invited back next year and fear the primary

To have a heapin’ helpin’ of his rule by fiat first


Idaho that is. Stay inside. No liberty.

Y’all vote Brad now, y’hear?




Here’s a challenge for a talented musician.  I’m planning a series of political parodies for 2022.  For all the big name candidates and across political lines.  I’m not musically inclined.  I can’t sing.  Don’t play an instrument and can’t write music.  Is there someone who would like to put his (or her) musical skills to song parodies?  You’ll get musical credit and I’ll get writing credit.  None of us are going to get rich off this project.  Still, it should be entertaining for radio audiences across the state.  Because I want to share whatever we cook up.


If you’ve got an interest (and it could be good for a demo reel) please drop me a line at

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