Well done!  The Beachless Bums are debuting on YouTube.  You may know of them from the “posse” organized by Washington Street Pawn.  This is the introduction.  It sounds a lot like some police dramas I watched when I was a kid.  Forrest Andersen, along with some friends and family members, is putting together the channel.  So far, you can say the production values are very, very good!

The shows are going to involve the testing of firearms.  All sorts of firearms.

The shows are going to involve the testing of firearms.  All sorts of firearms.  From rare antiques to some popular modern weapons.  From handguns to long guns and maybe some firearms most of us will never get to try.

Forrest first told me about the upcoming channel a few weeks ago.  He’s one of the co-hosts on the Gun Guys on Newsradio 96.1 FM and Newsradio 1310 KLIX.  Todd Eccles from Patriot Defense being his radio counterpart.  Todd also has a regular podcast, which we’ll delve into during a future post.

The name Beachless Bums is, I believe, obvious.  We don’t have a lot of beaches in the high desert.  I’ll also wager the driving skills behind the VW bus were enhanced by speeding up the video.  You wouldn’t want to roll such a lovely vehicle, would you?

We’ll talk more about upcoming episodes over the next several months.  I believe Forrest is also willing to entertain suggestions.  Maybe you could even loan him some unique guns you may have in the attic.

By the way, Todd tested a flamethrower a couple of weeks ago.  That’s putting the fun back into a family barbecue.

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