Having a serious conversation with your husband can be tricky. Not only do you need to find a moment when your children aren't taking notes, but you have to make sure your husband has decompressed from work enough to actually hear what you are saying.

As with most situations, food can help. Serve your husband dinner, then sit down beside him to have that serious conversation.

A new survey from the Daily Mail found the best time to get your husband to have a serious talk is . . . 8:15 P.M., right when he's started eating dinner.  Make sure he gets a few bits in and then lay it on him.

The next best time is during a long drive. This is for obvious reasons. There are not many distractions and they can't go anywhere.

The worst way to get him into the conversation is by saying, "We need to talk."  80% of men say that phrase scares them so much, they'll do anything to avoid hearing what comes next

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